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Many web design companies offer affordable design, but their annual fees to simply keep the website on the net are sky-high.

Our web hosting packages are affordable, yet provide plenty of capacity for whatever you want to include on your website.

Unique security features

We presently host over 300 web sites including many Churches and Christian organisations. The servers are maintained by some of Australia's largest hosting providers who maintain them on a 24/7 basis. We employ constant monitoring of our servers to ensure the best possible service.

One major issue with web sites today is their vulnerability to hacker attacks. Having rescued and restored dozens of web sites from hacker attacks, we believe that 'prevention is the best cure'. As such our web hosting service offers a surprisingly unique feature: we keep your web site up-to-date with security updates for the version of the software it is using. Most web hosting companies will not offer any support in this area, leaving the customer potentially vulnerable to security threats down the track.

While our security package service does not guarantee that the web site does not get hacked, it will greatly reduce the likelihood of such events occurring.
The annual web hosting fee is reduced for Churches and other Christian organisations and charities. If desired, your web site can of course be hosted or transferred to another provider.

Hosting Packages

Our basic hosting package costs $80 (for churches/charities) or $95 (for businesses) and includes :
  • A domain name (i.e. or
  • Up to 10 email addresses (POP)
  • Reliable hosting with Australia's 5th largest provider
  • Industry standard CPanel server management interface - an easy and powerful tool for managing your hosting account.
  • Plenty of space
    (1GB diskspace, 15GB bandwidth)
  • Need more space?
    The web site capacity can be doubled for just an extra $15 a year.

For more info, visit or Contact us for further details.

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