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Introduction - Why should a church have a web site?

It is important for a Church to be visible in its local community. While having a web site alone is not a 'magic fix', it does enable people to easily find out some basic information about your church.

According to statistics, 13 million Australians are now online making 6 million searches per day on Google Australia alone. A recent Forrester Research report found that 81% of consumers on the Internet find products and services by using search engines. While a church is not a 'business' per say, people do use the internet to find and gauge churches in a local area.

Some great ideas for your Christian Web Site

  • Content Management All our web sites are designed using the latest 'content management systems' - which means that they are designed with the intention that a moderately experienced computer user would be able to maintain and update the web site with the help of some written / video instructions.

    Other users prefer to leave all updates to the web sites in our hands - and we are happy to help with this on a case-by-case basis and can discuss pricing depending on the work involved.

    Our system is widely used in the Australian web designer community, so your organistion would not be locked to our services but can seek the help of other professionals if desired at any stage.
  • Google Local Business Listing
    Combining your web site with a Google Local Business Listing helps ensure that your church shows up prominently in google searches for churches in your area.
  • Photo Gallery / Slideshow or photos from your church
    I do have access to generic Christian photos and illustrations, however having pictures of the church building and/or people are always good. If you wish to use many pictures, then these can be uploaded into a gallery - and the gallery has the option of being self-managed with instructions provided of how to use and update. We can also arrange some of the better photos into a slideshow on the home page of the web site.
  • Introduction to your church
    I would suggest providing some text that introduces a visitor to your church, its general character, focus and mission and will encourage them to come and visit. Some churches provide an overview of their core doctrines on their web sites, while others include very little information in this area.
    If we are inputting the text on the web site for you, the cost of this would vary by the number of pages and/or complexity of formatting involved.
  • Recordings of Sermons
    A popular feature in many church web sites is to have an area where users can play/download recent sermons in mp3 format. We can help facilitate this and enable you to easily upload new sermons as needed.
  • Email Hosting
    Having a web site also means that you can get access to email addresses with your church name - i.e. or similar addresses. This will help raise the level of professionalism in your communications. Our web hosting packages come with a minimum of 10 email accounts.
  • Email Newsletters
    A related feature is to have an email newsletter. This might be especially useful for ministries with a larger target audience, and includes features such as email templates as well as automated subscribe and unsubscribe functionality.

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